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The Data Guy, LLC

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Review of Our Technician

Eli David worked for VDH Electric this past fall doing the complete installation of the Data/Fiber installation at Prevea Health in Altoona Wisconsin.

The scope of this work included two data closets, along with appx. 650 separate data lines from the closet into the field.

Additionally, fiber needed to be pulled from floor to floor.

The specs were stringent, and timeline short, as we needed to get this project accomplished.

Eli accomplished this task with ease, and an extreme amount of craftsmanship, seldom seen in tele-data work.

I have been in the IBEW now for 35 years, doing projects all around the country, and would recommend Eli David for any opportunity that is presented to him. He is disciplined, dedicated, and will take direction to accomplish any task given to him in a timely and workman-like manner.

Please accept this letter of recommendation on my behalf.


Steve J. De Baker

Electrical Supervisor, VDH Electric


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